Introduction to U.S. Aids to Navigation

A short illustrated introduction to the U.S. Aids to Navigation System with pictures of Aids to Navigation (ATON’s) from the Seattle area.  The PowerPoint presentation is narrated and is about 10 minutes in length.  A formatted for printing PDF file is below the video if you want the executive summery.  There are also links to more information.


Safe Water Marker Slide

One note on the video: some of the numbers on the illustrations are different than the chart, that is because I used stock illustrations, the pictures of the actual Aids do match the chart.

More Information:

U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center – Lots of Navigation Information
Subscribe to Local Notice to Mariners – Links to all Districts
District 13 – the Pacific Northwest Local Notice To Mariners

Colored Plates of the U.S. Aids to Navigation System from the U.S. Coast Guard (PDF)

A formatted for printing file of the PowerPoint presentation (4 UP PDF)


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