Mountaineers Sailing Crew Class Resources – Spring 2012

Crew-Resources-HeaderHere are a few links to help the students in the Mountaineers Spring Sailing Crew Class that I helped teach.

These links are also good starting point for any recreational boater.

Links are provided to Nav. Problems, handouts,  additional information on charts,  PowerPoint presentations and additional practice problems and resources for recreational boaters.

PowerPoint’s / Videos

  • U.S. Aids to Navigation – An introduction to the U.S. Aids to Navigation System with pictures showing the  Aids to Navigation (ATON’s) and chart sections showing how the ATON’s are appear on the chart.  The ATON’s and charts are from the Seattle and Puget Sound area.
  • Marine Sound Signals – An introduction to common Marine Sound Signals used  in the Puget Sound Area.
  • Introduction-to-Marine-Charts-Part 1 – A short  introduction on how to read a marine chart, how to choose the proper marine chart for safe boating, including how to choose the proper scale,  a few hints and tips on what to look for on a chart and  some often overlooked tidbits  that will help make your boating safer and easier.

General Reference:

Articles That Have Handouts You Can Print Out

Boating Skills


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Updated: May 01, 2013

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4 Responses to Mountaineers Sailing Crew Class Resources – Spring 2012

  1. focusedfox says:

    thanks for your help with my blog questions, i love your pictures, is it an option to share them?, are the boating pictures from one city or various? congrats on being interviewed by a magazine, i do free lance research for people who need prompts for their articles, nice to meet you, focused fox.

  2. focusedfox says:

    your tags are exemplary, why don’t you advise others about tags?

  3. kcinaz says:

    Thanks for you forum questions help. Your blog looks great and I’m forwarding your page to my Sailing friend in Canada. She would probably love to see your blog.

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