Puget Sound Lighthouses

Puget Sound Lighthouses Poster
Puget Sound Lighthouses Poster

This is a poster I made a while ago about 14 Lighthouses in the Puget Sound area. There is a short description and history of each Lighthouse along with a picture.

This poster has been a popular viewing item at the Alki Point Lighthouse during summer tours.

The file prints OK at 11×17 size but the type size is a bit small but even my old eyes can read it. Printed 16 inches wide it makes a very nice poster for your friends that like Lighthouse’s. Printed 24 inches wide it is very spectacular.

The Alki Point Lighthouse should be open for tours this summer after being closed for two summers due to COVID. The final plans are still being worked out since the inside of the Lighthouse is quite cramped and there are safety concerns for both those giving the tours as well as those attending the tours.

In the past the tour lasted about 30 minutes but you could spend time looking at over 100 years of history if you want after the formal part of the tours is finished.

The tours are free, members of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteer their time to help with the tours, two years ago the tours were Sundays ( 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm with the last tour departing at 3:40 pm) during the summer from Memorial day weekend to Labor Day weekend.

Download Puget Sound Lighthouses Poster (10MB PDF)

Printing Note: This morning I printed some posters at a copy place, sizing 11×17 was easy, but printing 16 inches wide ran into a problem at my local FedEx Copy/Print store, they were not able to print the posters because their print software did a resize that appeared to be an attempt to edit the poster which is not allowed (the poster s secured against editing). Office Depot was able to print by picking 18×24 inch paper size and print to fit. Actually the guy said it was a bit more complex than that, but for a layperson that was close enough. Also his mother lives close to one of the lighthouses and really likes lighthouses so I told him to make a copy for his mother.

Terms of use, you may print it for personal use and for gifts, you may not sell it commercially. This represents the combined work of many people, I spent approaching 100 hours putting it together, so please respect my work and copyright and do not steal my work.

Alki Point Lighthouse home site.

Facebook page, updates to the tour schedule are posted here as well as other interesting items on Lighthouses and Seattle history.

Alki Point Lighthouse History & Tours – Pictures and history of the Alki Point Lighthouse from CaptnMike.

Quick Lighthouse Tour – Nine Lighthouses Viewed From The Water In 4 1/2 Hours! – A tour I took a couple of years ago viewing nine Lighthouses in Puget Sound from the water.

The U.S. Coast Guard Museum, Seattle, Washington

Thanks for your interest in and support of boating safety.

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