Anchoring and Storm Tackle [Updated]

A friend recently sent me a link to a very interesting article on anchoring. Includes a ton of information about deep water and heavy weather anchoring, there are a ton of links for more information from types of anchors to use (or not use) and a lively comment section with questions answered and feedback from readers.

One bit of caution the article is a little long so you might want to go over the information presented and come back and digest the information slowly.


Denali Rose is 50 ft. LOA and displaces 22+ tons cruising weight. We typically frequent deeper anchorages above 56°N. [e.g., We anchor in 50 to 90 ft. of water about 80% of the time, with the remaining 20% spent at anchor in 30-50 ft.]

We adhere to the philosophy of setting one recent generation [AKA ‘Modern’] oversized anchor and sleeping well…

Thanks for your interest in and support of boating safety

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