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The Untold 9/11 Boat Lift or How They evacuated 500,000 People Safely Off Lower Manhattan Island in Eight Hours

This is the 20th Anniversary of September `11, 2001 when planes crashed in the World Trade Center, What is not known is how 500,000 people were taken off Lower Manhattan Island by a volunteer flotilla of boats that just showed … Continue reading

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NOAA Live from 1,250 Meters (4,100 feet) Below the Sea

NOAA is live streaming their exploration of the North Atlantic Stepping Stones: New England and Corner Rise Seamounts off the East Coast of the United States from June 30 through July 29, 2021. The live stream is open to anyone, … Continue reading

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The importance of making a good first impression when sailing

As all sailors soon figure out that proper style is a vital ingredient to sailing, here are two true tales of style from the archives. Making an unforgettable impression on your advance sailing instructor. Sometime back when I was just … Continue reading

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The Maritime Heroes of 9/11 Behind The 9/11 Boat Lift

As the tragedy of September 11, 2001 unfolded it quickly became apparent that getting 500,000 people off Lower Manhattan was a bit of an issue, Manhattan being an ISLAND with all roads, bridges and subways closed, this is the story … Continue reading

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The Untold 9/11 Boat Lift Story

This September 11th is the 19th anniversary of the tower falling.  Almost forgotten is the Flotilla of boats that formed to evacuate 500,000 people from Lower Manhattan. The boat lift of half a million people from Lower Manhattan was done … Continue reading

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Coast Guard halts illegal charters on Lake Washington, Lake Union

The U.S.Coast Guard is charged with safety on Federal Navigable Waters among their many areas of responsibilities. Boats carrying passengers for hire are required to have licensed Masters/Captains in charge and onboard. This is to help keep passengers safe. The … Continue reading

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Boating Safety Tips For The Holiday Weekend

The Coast Guard urges boaters across the country to use extra caution while on the water this Labor Day weekend. Here is the safety advice from two districts with additional suggestions I have learned over the last 30 years as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Falling By Brion Toss

Falling by Brion Toss is a delightful and entertaining must read for anyone that works aloft, while the adventures are mostly from the marine field, anyone that has ever worked aloft will find something interesting and maybe even amusing as … Continue reading

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