Mike’s Quick Rope Whipping

Recently a friend bought a sailboat that all the ends of the lines were tired or missing, he was struggling with a method from a rigging book and I sent him this link and he is much happier with this easier/simpler/quicker way of whipping the ends of his lines (PS: this was so much quicker he finished before the Seattle rains let loose)

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Mike’s-Quick-Rope-Whipping Mike’s quick line whipping

This is the quick and secure whipping I use to whip the ends on double braid line.  I have not seen this in any book.  It has some of the elements of the classic quick temporary whipping but this method is much more secure  and almost as quick as the classic quick temporary whipping.  Properly whipped line ends in addition to keeping line ends from fraying also helps give your boat more “style points” and adds to your reputation as a knowledgeable sailor.

Whipping the ends of the line with this whipping is much easier for me to do than the classic regular whipping that has two frapping turns at 90 degrees from each other and the tough (for me anyway) ending knot and bury.  I use a single set of frapping turns to hold the whipping together with a quick secure bury of the two…

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