Useful Web Sites and Information for Boaters and USCG Auxiliary Members

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Classes and Vessel Safety Checks

Notice to Mariners

  • Local Notice to Mariners
    Thirteenth District Local Notice to Mariners, Seattle, Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest
  • 2014 Special Local Notice to Mariners (pdf) (7.0mb):
    A collection of important information by the Coast Guard specific to District 13 (Pacific North West).  Includes emergency procedure guidelines, Coast Guard contact information, First Aid and many other useful but sometimes hard to find information.  115 pages.

Seattle Area Weather and Local Seattle Specific Information

  • West Point Weather
    NOAA Weather Site with a link to Puget Sound Marine Weather Forecast
  • UW Windwatch
    72 hour graphic wind forecast for the Northwest.  Direction, speed and high wind warnings, several different views.
  • Washington State Ferry Weather
    Wind speeds observed on Washington State Ferry Routes
  • Ballard Locks
    How to transit the locks, guides, hints, videos and information on their free Locking Through Class
  • Seattle Harbor Patrol:
    Includes Seattle Local information and special boating regulations, including Lake Washington, Lake Union, Ship Canal, speed limits, rules when operating close to shore and draw bridge information.  They also have a PDF download of their Water & Boating, Regulations & Information booklet.
  • Important Seattle Area Boating Information (pdf):
    Includes Lake Washington, Lake Union and Speed Zones (2 pages)
  • Bridges in the Seattle Area (pdf):
    Opening Information, Bridge Clearances and more (2 pages)
  • Cliff Mass Weather Blog:
    Cliff is a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.  His Blog has a weekly posting on Northwest Weather and he adds posts when we have a significant weather event.   He is a weekly guest on KUOW, has published dozens of peer reviewed articles on Northwest Weather.  His book The Weather of the Pacific Northwest is a solid scientific explanation of  Northwest Weather that is also easy to understand.

Hypothermia / Sudden Cold Water Imersion

  • Hypothermia:
    Quick Hypothermia Overview Symptoms and Treatment, remember hypothermia is a year around concern in Puget Sound, Lake Washington, Lake Union and the Seattle area.
  • Hypothermia / Cold Water Boot Camp:
    “Professor Popsicle” (Dr. Giesbrecht) takes eight volunteers and dunks them in 45 degree F water to show you what really happens in sudden cold water immersion and what happens as a person gets hypothermia. Graphic video shows why you should wear your lifejacket.  (More information and 9 page handout)

General information and Hints for Crew, Guests and Skippers

Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary Main Sites

Revised: May 19, 2013

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