Sailing Crew Class Resources–Fall 2011

Below are a few links to help the students in the Fall Sailing Crew Class that I helped with.  Links are provided to the Nav. Problems, handouts and additional information on charts, links to PowerPoint presentations and additional practice problems and resources for beginning boaters.


  • Introduction to U.S. Aids to Navigation A short illustrated introduction to the U.S. Aids to Navigation System with pictures of Aids to Navigation (ATON’s) from the Seattle area.
  • Introduction To U.S. Aids to Navigation – Examples from Shilshole Bay, Puget Sound – This is a narrated PowerPoint introduction  to U. S.  Aids to Navigation.  Individual chart symbols are shown with a picture of the Aid and the context of the Aid is explained.  Examples and pictures are from the Shilshole Bay area of Puget Sound, Washington.
  • Marine Sound Signals – PowerPoint presentation I have given covering Sound Signals.
  • Introduction-to-Marine-Charts-Part 1 – A short PowerPoint Introduction to Marine Charts showing different scales and explains some basic information that is found on a chart and a few hints on what to look for on a chart and points out some often overlooked tidbits that will help make your boating safer.

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