Skipper Emeritus

Skipper Emeritus – Captain Michael Brough

Recently Seattle Singles Yacht Club honored me with Skipper Emeritus Award for my contributions to boating, sailing, boating safety, member education and taking many many people sailing over more than 20 years and over 1,000 trips, sometimes up to 80 or 90 trips a year.

They had a nice Zoom meeting and several people shared stories of their good experiences on my boats or of times that I went the extra mile to help someone with a boating question or problem. I was also presented with a nicely bound book of stories, I have scanned it and the link is below.

Over the years I contributed in many ways. I taught something over 300 “mini-classes” at the end of the meeting. Some of the classes were “simple” such as how to tie a fender or How to Tie a Bowline, How to Tie a Spilled Hitch Bowline, How to Tie a Bowline with Your Left Hand, others like Rules of The Road were more involved and took extra time. I am quite proud to have passed on a bit of information to many people and made their on the water safer or easier.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone that attended a mini-class, went sailing with me or otherwise shared a bit of time with me, many many delightful people I met over the years and enjoyed their company.

Sadly I have never been good with names and faces, sometimes I would take a picture of the crew at the start and I always insisted that the people lined up in the order they were on the signup sheet, other times I would plain not recognize a face from a few days ago at the signup, my apologies for that, been a struggle all my life.

From time to people have came up to me and thanked me for a great sailing trip several years in the past, I was many times embarrassed that I didn’t remember the person let alone one of maybe 80 trips that year, but I always felt good that I was in some small way help to give someone a great memory.

After I was given the book several people that were no longer active in SSYC expressed disappointment in not being able to contribute a story. You may leave your story in the comments section below if you wish.

And please remember “no mustard, onions or hummus”!! (TM pending)

Thanks again for the great company and memories.

c / m

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