How to Tie a Bowline

Tie a Secure Loop in the end of a Line

The Bowline is called “The King of Knots”. This is because the Bowline can be made to do most anything (sometimes not very elegant) that needs to be done on a boat. The Bowline makes a loop that will hold its size in the end of a line. The Bowline should be practiced until it is second nature and can be tied while upside down while hanging over the rail of a heeling boat.

Use the Bowline when a loop is need to tie to a cleat or go over a piling, tie a sheet to the clew of a sail, tie a fender or most any time a loop is need in the end of a line.

If you are Left Handed see my instructions for tying a Bowline with your left hand.

Printer Friendly Instructions and Diagram:

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