How to get to the Shilshole Marina

Shilshole Marina is on Puget Sound, west of Scenic Downtown Ballard and the Ballard Locks and south of Golden Gardens Park.

The address for your GPS is:

Shilshole Bay Marina
7001 Seaview Ave. N.W., Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98117

Mapquest Map of the Shilshole Marina Area. Golden Gardens Park is at the far north end of the marina, Ray’s Restaurant is about 400 yards south of the marina.   (Zoom out a bit to see the approaches using NW 85th & NW Market Street)  (See below for more detailed driving instructions and routing hints.)

Parking: There is plenty of parking in the marina lot. The marina is about 3/4 of a mile long so try and park close to the dock you are sailing from. You may Park in the main parking lot or along the street. Do not park in a spot that says “Parking Permits Required” – you will be towed.  “A” dock is at the south end of the marina “X” dock at the north end.  General parking starts at the north end of the boat yard and continues all the way to the north end by the dry boat storage and drive in.

Rest Rooms: There are unlocked rest rooms at the far north end of the marina behind the drive in, the main building in the center of the marina, and at the far south end by the boat yard (these are a bit hidden but are on the east side of the boat yard office building.

Printer Friendly Driving Instructions (pdf)

From North & South Bound I-5
Using North 85th

The most straightforward route (fewest turns etc.)

From North or South I-5 take the North 85th Street Exit and head west on N. 85th (your only choice) You will go straight west about 3.2 miles staying on the same street. As you travel west, N. 85th will turn into N.W. 85th.

You will cross Aurora Ave, Greenwood and 15th NW, continue west on 85th until you get to 32nd NW, the streets all come together at strange angles and you will be at a Stop Sign.

This is the first Stop Sign you will come to. Angle down the hill to the right (there should be a sign pointing to the right and “Shilshole Marina”) continue down the hill the street will change it’s name a time or two. There are 3 tight switchbacks on the way downhill but stay on the same street and always take the down hill direction with the street.

At the bottom, the road will turn right and go under a train trestle, turn left (south) at the All Way Stop Sign. You will now be on Seaview Ave. NW, go south about 200 yards to the start of the marina. Puget Sound will be on your right as will the marina.

North 85th Detour

About twice a year North Greenwood or North 85th may be closed because of Seafair Parades or Street Rod Shows. If you run into a closed 85th Street (this would be shortly past North Aurora) work your way south to 80th and follow it west as you would N 85th until you get to the stop sign at NW 32nd.

At this point you may turn right onto NW 32nd and go north to 85th and follow Golden Garden Dr. down the hill to the train trestle and the All Way Stop Sign at the north end of the marina.

You can also turn left onto NW 32nd and go down the hill to the stop light at the 7-11 store and turn right onto NW 54th Street and follow it under the railroad tracks and around the corner where the street turns into Seaview Ave NW. Proceed north on Seaview Ave NW with Puget Sound on your left. You will go past Rays Restaurant and Anthony’s Restaurant, you will see the marina on your left.

Other Options

From the U District go west on 45th through historic Wallingford (see map).

Exit off I-5 onto westbound North Northgate way and work your way south west (see map).

Many people that live in the south end will take 509 or 99 north and onto 1st Ave. South to avoid I-5 traffic.

To Reach Shilshole Marina from US 99 North on the Alaska Way Viaduct or Downtown

Take the Western Ave. Exit from the Viaduct. This is on the right side of the viaduct and is the last exit before the tunnel.

If you are downtown travel north and west until you are on one of the following streets: Western Ave. northbound, Elliot Ave northbound, Denny Way westbound, Mercer St. westbound.   Westbound Denny Way will flow into Western Ave. Westbound Mercer will flow into Elliot Ave.

Follow Western Ave. North West along the waterfront. Western will flow into Elliot Ave just past Denny Way.

Elliot Ave will turn north as you pass the Grain Elevators to your left and pass under Garfield Street or the Magnolia Bridge. You will now be on 15th Ave.

Follow 15th Ave north and across the Ballard Bridge. The street will now be 15th Ave NW.

Turn left ( west ) on Market St. at the first light north of the Ballard Bridge. There is a large Safeway Store on the right side of 15th NW at Market St.

Follow Market St through scenic downtown Ballard.

About 2 ½ blocks past 24th Ave NW follow the main road as it curves to the left past Stone Gardens toward the Ballard Locks. The street is now NW 54th and will curve past the Ballard Locks and under a Railway Bridge.

Stay on the main roadway as it turns into Seaview Ave NW. There will be water on your left side. Continue past Ray’s Restaurant, Anthony’s Restaurant and West Marine all on the left (west) side of the road.

Continuing north, Shilshole Marina starts at the north side of Seaview the Boat Yard.

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