DIY Gifts for the Holidays

pelian hook lanyard - key fob - shackel lanyard

More assorted Key Fobs and Pelican Hook / Shackle lanyards, the colors are only limited by your imagination z

Gifts for boaters and others can sometimes be a bit difficult, so I thought I would share with you several gifts I have made for boating friends and others, these are all low cost and you can make them yourself.  Being low cost  they are also excellent for someone you want to do something for but don’t want them to feel obligated to give you a gift in return.

For a few low cost and easy to DIY things for your favorite skipper, please see: DIY & Low Cost Gifts For Your Favorite Skipper

Making Pelican Hook Lanyards & Key Fobs

Making Pelican Hook Lanyards & Key Fobs

Lets start with Pelican Hook Lanyards and key fobs (pictured above also).

These are always a hit, I have added a simple coin cell flashlight to many that I have given out.  They have gone to friends, relatives and some people that I have came into casual contact with (waitress, receptionists etc.) and they always go over well.  Make them in different colors and styles and let the people take their pick of their favorite color.

Pelican Hooks / Gate Hooks

Spiral Portuguese Sennit, key fob

Spiral Key Fob using a Spiral Portuguese Sennit

For fancy Key Fobs and Lanyards, lets make them spiral.

Making Spiral Pelican Hook Lanyards & Key Fobs

1898 Alaska Klondike Gold Rush Map Place-Mat

1898 Alaska Klondike Gold Rush Map Place-Mat

Place-mats of your state or your favorite area look nice.  NOAA has digitized about 35,000 of their historic maps and chars so you should be able to find a map or chart for almost anybody, they also have historic aeronautical charts for your favorite pilot.

DIY – Historical NOAA Charts & Maps Place-mats

Seattle Harbor 1878Historic charts are also nice, you can get them printed 18 x 24 inches at most office supply places that have a printing department and there are many standalone copy and print places that also do nice printing.  Call around a bit, sometimes stores will have holiday specials.  Last year I found a coupon for my local print place and got my Christmas Gifts printed at half price.

Historic NOAA Charts

I hope that these ideas work as nice for you as they did for me.

Next week I plan to have some ideas for your favorite skipper.


 – c / m –

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