Fascinating Engineering Facts About the RMS Titanic

RMS Olympic and Titanic

RMS Olympic and Titanic

A fascinating video on the RMS Titanic and the Olympic-Class ships by Bill “Engineer Guy” Hannack.  The images and information is from the 1909 to 1911 editions of the Journal The Engineer.  The video starts with the laying of the keel for the Titanic and the sister ship the Olympic and follows the lives of the ships including collisions and other difficulties.

Fore Boss Arms - one of two that held the port and starboard propeller shafts

Fore Boss Arms – one of two that held the port and starboard propeller shafts.  Note the “Little Green Guy” for the scale.

The black and white images are enhanced with color to help show engineering and construction details.

Details start with the  first laying of the keel blocks and keels. Construction, details are shown of the boiler and coal storage construction, ships engines (they had a turbine engine driving a third center propeller for higher speed in open water), propellers, and the propeller mounts.

I hope you enjoy the video.  Yes a bit off the normal topic but I could not resist this video and the history.


Thanks for your interest in and support of Boating Safety.

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