Visiting Canada With Your Boat

Visiting Canada With A BoatFinding information about visiting Canada with a boat can be difficult even with the internet.  Here is information for Boaters and others visiting Canada.  This information is geared to boating because boaters have very specific safety and operator requirements when bringing a boat into or operating a boat in Canada.

Ministry of Transport – Safe Boating Guide

What you need to know about  operating a boat in Canada, including educational requirements and Canada’s Pleasure Craft Operator Card (Operators “License”)  requirements and equivalency requirements for foreign visitors.

Office of Boating Safety

Safety Equipment Required for your Pleasure Craft – (5.6 MB File)

Canadian Coast Guard

Notice to Mariners / Special Notice to Mariners
Notice of updates to charts and other publications

 Canadian Weather

Canadian Weather Home

Official Text Marine Forecasts for the Pacific waters

Canadian Tides, Currents and Water Levels


CANPASS – Private Boats

CANPASS permit holders who wish to enter Canada aboard private boats from the United States to receive pre-authorized customs clearance.


The NEXUS program allows low-risk pre-approved travelers to use designated NEXUS border crossings without being subject to regular questioning by customs and immigration officers.

General NEXUS information


Canadian Ports of Entry

Who is eligible to visit Canada?

British Columbia Key Travel Information

Guidance on what you can and can’t bring into Canada

Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Restrictions on Bringing Food Into Canada

Home Page

Restriction on imports from US States affected by Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)

What Can I Bring Into Canada in Terms Of Food, Plant, Animal and Related Products?

Recreational Fishing in the Pacific Region

(This includes the 2011 – 2013 Tidal Water Sport Fishing Guide

Fresh Water Fishing Guide – for fishing in lakes and rivers in British Columbia


Observe, Record and Report (24 hour reporting line)

Reporting fishing violations.

(604)-607-4186  in Greater Vancouver area

Canada Border Services Agency (Customs)

Outside of Canada (204)-983-3500

Province of British Columbia – Conservation Officer Service

Environmental Protection and to report Poachers and Polluters.

International Pacific Halibut Commission

(206) 634-1838

BC Hunting Regulations


Working Near Water in British Columbia

The fine folks at the Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada had a handout at the Seattle Boat Show with useful information for boaters and sportsmen visiting Canada.  A special thanks to them for the original list and Lee Youngblood for helping add more information for boaters.

Disclaimer / Note: This is not intended to be all the resources that might be needed by a visitor to Canada, each person entering a foreign country may have unique entry or visa  requirements, it is the responsibility of each person visiting a foreign country to do the due diligence and research for their own requirements.  This information was accurate at the time of publication but may have changed since publication.

Thanks for your support of Boating Safety.

– c / m –

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3 Responses to Visiting Canada With Your Boat

  1. Bill Ray says:

    One area US boaters should be aware of is that the rules on alcohol use aboard are stricter, whether underway or at the dock. For details see

  2. carlayvonne says:

    Hi there, nice blog. We are living in Holland on an old barge, but we can’t sail the seas. It’s a pity because I have family in Ottawa we would really like to sail your beautiful lakes.
    By the way we never drink alcohol when we are sailing, but afterwords a nice mooring beer is nice.if you like you can see our barge on my blog, have a nice day. Carla

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