Free NOAA Charts!


BookletChart 18440 – Puget Sound – Cover
Image Credit – NOAA

NOAA  now has over 1,000 Free BookletCharts™ available for free  download in PDF format for printing  yourself.  BookletCharts™ are 8.5 by 11 inch reduced scale nautical  charts designed for recreational and small boats.  NOAA has been developing these charts that are tiled and printed in 8.5 x 11 inch format for several years.  The  BookletCharts™ contain most of the information of their full sized charts but other information has  been added from the Coast Pilot and other resources that recreational boaters might not have.  The BookletCharts™ have been reduced in scale slightly from the original charts and  formatted for printing in a size that is easier to use on a small boat.

You can download the PDF chart files, print them yourself and staple or bind the pages together, giving you a very convenient sized chart for use on your boat.  If you print them on waterproof paper with waterproof ink they can get rained on without damage.


BookletChart 18440 Page 15 Seattle area of Puget Sound
Image Credit:NOAA

BookletCharts™ are an inexpensive way to have charts on your boat.  Having accurate charts reduces the risk of hitting a hazard to navigation.  Many boaters seem to rely on their memories, vague advice from friends (or in a couple of cases, a road atlas!) for their navigation needs.  Venturing into a new area, can be stressful or dangerous if the proper charts are not on-board and used properly.

Another advantage of the BookletCharts™ is that individual pages can be printed out.  I have printed out individual pages and made notes on them to help friends and crew members.

Note: Booklet Charts do not fulfill chart carriage requirements for regulated commercial vessels under Titles 33 and 46 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Printing Note: The pages are designed to be printed duplex (both sides of the paper) that will put adjoining pages together at the center of the booklet, you can also bind the pages back to back if you can’t print on both sides.  See the printing notes in the BookletCharts™.

BookletChart Home Page

Pacific Coast Booklet Charts, (including Hawai’ian, Mariana and Samoan Islands)

Download BookletChart 18440 (9 MB PDF) – Puget Sound (1:150,000)

Download BookletChart 18441 (7.3 MB PDF) – Puget Sound-northern part (1:80,000)

Download BookletChart 18446 (6.3 MB PDF) – Puget Sound-Apple Cove Point to Keyport;Agate Passage (1:25,000)

Download BookletChart 18447 (7.3 MB PDF) – Lake Washington Ship Canal and Lake Washington (1:10,000)

Download BookletChart 18449 (9.2 MB PDF) – Puget Sound-Seattle to Bremerton (1:25,000)

Download BookletChart 18450 (5.6 MB PDF) –  Seattle Harbor, Elliott Bay and Duwamish Waterway (1:10,000)

Download BookletChart 18452 (3.2 MB PDF) – Sinclair Inlet (1:10,000)

NOAA Chart Catalogs: U.S. Waters If you need help finding a chart number or coverage area.

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8 Responses to Free NOAA Charts!

  1. dave says:

    these charts are GREAT! i’ve already downloaded and printed some for a trip to Monterey Bay, CA, and Long Beach, CA. will do the same for a trip to FL this late Spring and MD in the Fall.

  2. Mickey says:

    Is there anything equivalent for British Columbia?

    • captnmike says:

      I don’t know – I have not looked at the Canadian sites – NOAA makes all their chart files available for free, getting them to a printer in the past has been not all that friendly, so these are a great leap forward

  3. Alex Wetmore says:

    Thanks Mike! This is a great resource and much better than my old methods of trying to cut up and print NOAA charts.

    -alex (just down the dock from you at Shilshole)

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a great idea! I find these chart downloads extremely useful and easy to obtain. Keep up the good work. Smooth sailing, Paul

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