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NOAA charts new hazards and helps ports recover following Hurricane Florence

While conducting hydrographic surveys at the request of the U.S. Coast Guard following Hurricane Florence, NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey navigation response teams (NRT) identified hazardous obstructions in the Cape Fear River channel. Since these dangers to navigation will remain…

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Hoax calls affect us all – A Bit of History

A rather sobering bit of information from the U.S. Coast Guard 5th District Mid-Atlantic on the impact of false MAYDAY calls. This is the fishing vessel SOL E MAR. This is a MAYDAY, were sinking, we need help now! were … Continue reading

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Coast Guard locates vessel with 49 people after passenger calls 911 reporting operator lost in heavy fog off Navy Pier.

What was anyone not thinking?  In fog with no navigation system or marine radio. CHICAGO  —  The Coast Guard located a motor vessel with 49 people aboard after one of the passengers called 911 stating she was concerned that the operator … Continue reading

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NOAA announces launch of crowdsourced bathymetry database

By, Lt. Cmdr. Adam Reed, Integrated Oceans and Coastal Mapping (IOCM) Assistant Coordinator Today NOAA announces the end of a testing phase in the development of a new crowdsourced bathymetry database. Bathymetric observations and measurements from participants in citizen science…

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NOAA releases documentary on women’s service in the NOAA Corps

An interesting video by the NOAA Corps on the integrating of women onboard ships and airplanes starting in 1972 as told by many of the women that were there. NOAA has it’s roots from 1807 when Thomas Jefferson called for … Continue reading

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NOAA launches new Nautical Chart Catalog

With NOAA’s new Nautical Chart Catalog, users can readily access raster data and charting products in list format. The website serves as a complement to the Chart Locator by providing search capability for any of NOAA’s thousand plus nautical charts.…

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Repairing The Lower Boom Vang Mount

Last fall we were sailing along nicely on a medium wind day when we heard a loud bang, the bang got our attention but looking around we were not able to see anything wrong, shrouds and stays were fine and … Continue reading

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Avoiding The US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Scam

There seems to be a bit of a scam going around with several companies offering to “help” you renew your USCG Vessel Documentation, the catch?  The help will cost you several times the normal cost $ 26.00  the US Coast … Continue reading

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