Where Are You In Lake Washington?

Locations in Lake Washington, Seattle

Locations in Lake Washington

This is a chart showing locations in Lake Washington I made to help the Seattle Harbor Patrol train new members on locations in Lake Washington.

If a friend asks you to meet them somewhere on Lake Washington and you don’t know where the place is, that is an annoyance and you need to get more information from your friend.

However, if you are the Harbor Patrol even a few seconds delay in heading to the proper place on or near the water when an emergency happens can mean the difference between life and death.

Early in the summer, I stopped by the Seattle Harbor Patrol’s office on North Lake Union to thank them for helping me with an article on  Avoiding the Seattle Harbor Patrol’s Attention, pickup some more of their “Seattle Water & Boating, Regulations & Information” booklets to hand out.  I gave them the files and sample prints of training charts I had made in 2009 & 2010, Puget Sound Area Marine Training Charts and Where Are You In Puget Sound? to for the Harbor Patrol to use them for training if they wanted.

A month or so later I got an email from a Seattle Harbor Patrol officer expressing their interest in using the charts for Lake Union and Lake Washington.  Lake Union  was more complex due to all the businesses around the lake for me to do, but Lake Washington was doable for their use.  The Harbor Patrol wanted a few locations added which were easy to do, the white bubbles given a color that was easier to see on a color printout.

I added the extra locations, then decided to look around Lake Washington with Google Maps a bit, I found many small parks and other landmarks along the shore that a person calling 911 might use to describe a where they needed help sent to.  So instead of adding 5 locations or so, I roughly doubled the points on the Chart with the aid of Google Maps.

Amaze your friends, learn all 113 locations.

The two Lake Washington charts are below in PDF format, one chart has colored bubbles for the locations and the second chat has white bubbles for printing in black and white.

Most big box office supply stores as well as FedEx and UPS stores can make large prints.  The Lake Washington charts are easy to read when printed on 36 inches high.  A note about the prices of printing, please ask before printing, color is fairly expensive, black and white not to bad at around $ 6.—or so.

Click on the for a sample image below, or download the PDF file.

Locations in Lake Washington - Color, Seattle

Locations in Lake Washington – Color

Color Lake Washington Location Chart

(PDF 2.5 MB)

Locations in Lake Washington, Seattle, Black & White

Locations in Lake Washington, Black & White

Black and White Lake Washington Location Chart

(PDF 2.5 MB)


Terms of use, you may print as many as you want for your use, you may not charge more than the reasonable cost of the printing.  You may not sell them for profit, these represent a lot of my time so since I am giving them to you, you are not allowed to charge more than the reasonable cost of printing.

Disclaimer and liability limits, you use these charts at your risk and I assume no liability to their accuracy or your use of them.  I have used I think reasonable care in making the charts, but I am not infallible and there may be local knowledge names that I am not aware of and I have omitted some locations.

Thanks for your interest in and support of boating safety.

– c/m –

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