Don’t Drop the Cell-Phone

New Slippery Cell-Phone

New Slippery Cell-Phone

When I got my new smarter than I am Cell-Phone I was worried about dropping it overboard. The new phone did not have any attachment points like my previous Cell-Phone and was quite slick.

Talking to the salesman he pointed out a carrier that clipped on the cell-Phone and had a clip for a pocket or belt. When I looked at the two piece carrier, the part that clips onto the cell-Phone itself had an area that I thought I could drill a pair of holes in and attach a piece of waxed whipping twine that could be used to attach to a neck lanyard.

Cell Phone carrier without the cell phone

Cell Phone carrier without the cell phone

This is the two piece carrier with Belt / Pocket clip for my cell phone.

Cell-Phone Neck  Lanyard Loop Mounting Holes

Cell-Phone Neck Lanyard Loop Mounting Holes

I drilled a pair of small holes (#51 0.067 inch dia.) at the top of the carrier that clips onto the cell-Phone, CAUTION: double check on which side you want the lanyard on when you drill the holes, I drilled the first holes on the wrong side of the carrier and the lanyard got in the way. Remember to debur the holes with a knife point so there are no bits of plastic to get in the way.

Neck Lanyard Attachment Loop Routing

Neck Lanyard Attachment Loop Routing

Feed the whipping twine (I used Black #4 waxed whipping twine) from the outside so it can be routed up inside as shown in the picture. Make the whipping twine extra long so it sticks up four or five inches above the top of the phone, the extra will be trimmed off at the end. Gently “milk” each line to make sure there are no twists in the whipping twine, extra twists will make the loop more difficult to use.

Neck Lanyard and Attachment Loop

Neck Lanyard and Attachment Loop

After the whipping twine has been led correctly, snap the cell-Phone into the carrier and pull the slack out of the whipping twine. Make sure the whipping twine lies flat inside the carrier and is not twisted. Tie a Figure Eight knot leaving a loop large enough to attach a neck lanyard to. I used a 1.25 inch long loop. Trim the excess line. This is a bit bigger than the loop I used on my previous cell-Phone. The slightly larger loop seems to be easier to attach and detach the loop of the neck lanyard to the cell-Phone.

NOTES AND CAUTIONS: I used white # 8 waxed whipping twine for some of the pictures because it was easier to see in the pictures, the # 8 waxed whipping twine is too large for real use. The actual lanyard is # 4 black waxed whipping twine. Make sure the case snaps onto your cell-Phone solidly. Check everything at least three times before trusting the lanyard to work. The neck lanyard I use is one I bought for a flashlight, the lanyard has a breakaway safety link designed to give way if the lanyard gets caught in machinery so that you are not pulled into the machinery.

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2 Responses to Don’t Drop the Cell-Phone

  1. bhatmahesht says:

    I do have the habit of dropping my phone and hopefully this will work for me

  2. REGARDING CELL PHONES: #1 Back up photos and contacts often. #2 INSURE your phone for full replacement. #3 Resealable baggies with a piece of fishing line is a protective measure also.

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