Nautical Training Charts

NOTE: NOAA plans on stopping the printing of the lithograph charts in April 2014.  The training charts should be available as a print on demand chart but I have been unable to determine if training chart prices will be discounted.

As part of the change over, NOAA is making available their charts as a free PDF download.

Nautical Training Charts are outdated nautical charts that are used for educational purposes.  The charts are “frozen” with no updates made to the charts, this means that charting remains consistent from year to year so class material and test questions do not need to be changed every time the chart is updated or an ATON moved.

The charts are less expensive than the corresponding current charts.  Some training charts have sections of Chart No. 1 printed on the reverse side.

Product ID   	Product Name                     Edition Date      	

13205TR     BLOCK ISLAND SOUND & APPROACHES	 May  18 1991  
12221TR     CHESAPEAKE BAY ENTRANCE              Feb  29 1992  
39TR        GREAT LAKES/TRAINING                 Jan  01 1975  
12354TR     LONG ISLAND SOUND-EASTERN            Feb  15 1992  
116TR       LONG ISLAND SOUND                    Sept 05 1970 
1210TR      MARTHA'S VINEYARD TO BLOCK IS/       May  28 1962  
18465TR     STRAIT OF JUAN DE FUCA/E PART        Aug  01 1998


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