The Dim View sees the light

A snap shot of Alaska Cannery life from the 1980’s at the Icicle Seafoods, Seward Fish (SFI) plant in Seward Alaska.

Recently two copies of the Dim View, an underground newspaper published by person or persons unknown at the Icicle Seafoods,  Seward Fish Cannery (SFI) in Seward Alaska were tucked under my web site.  In the interest of preserving history I have decided to publish them to the web.  The paper was published to give the Rabble a true voice, to allow Speaking Truth To Power.  The paper was well received and quickly became a true collector’s item.  The Dim View was highly regarded as a much higher quality and more informative rag than the company mouthpiece.  The Dim View provides a look into the life and psych of a Seward Fish (SFI) Fish Picker in 1985 (sometimes referred to as “the good old days”).  Well punk – ask yourself – were you born to slime or not?

The Dim View Issue No 1

Download The Dim View Issue 1 (pdf 4 pages)

The Dim View Issue No 2

Download The Dim View Issue 2 (pdf 4 pages)

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