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Thanks for the interest in some of my other projects.


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  1. Webber says:

    Hi Mike
    You may or may not remember me from the forum a week or so ago (just starting out and messing it up) I asked for help and you were one of the people that helped me. Well, I’ve got things a bit more organised now but wanted to check some other websites out and chose your’s (‘cos i remembered it looked good). I must say I am in awe of your sewing skills, I just enjoyed reading about all the different bags & other items you’ve been making. Your writing style is easy, friendly & humorous. I wanted to comment on your ‘reaction” statement – “guys are not supposed to be able to etc”. One of my mates is a very talented guy – he has done all kinds of knitting (on a machine), some excellent projects, as well as sewing and woodcraft – he is quite a dab hand. I think with guys – when you decide to be a little “outside the box” and try things that guys “are not supposed to do” you come up with greaat ideas and combinations that us gals may not have thought of – I notice it in cooking – when my husband or sons have a go – oh, I just walk away – don’t look – but it generally comes out ok and tasty. If I ever get to US, I must try sailing on the bay there – looks beautiful and awesome. Well – best get back t what I’m supposed to be doing! Cheers


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