Free 2015 Coast Guard Light List

2015 Light List Cover

2015 Light List Cover

The U.S. Coast Guard has just released the 2015 Light Lists in PDF format for all volumes except Volume V (Volume V is only published in even years).  The Light List Volumes are available as a free download or in bound books for purchase at your local marine and charting supplier.

Light List Volume VI covers Puget Sound as well as Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and the outlying Pacific Islands.  For those boating in the Puget Sound area the other areas covered can make for a very thick volume.

A boater can print just the pages needed for their area to save on ink and paper.  Caution is advised to not try and fine tune the exact pages too close as the Light List Lights are arranged by Chart Number and it is very easy to miss one of the chart numbers needed for your area.

I have several friends that have printed sections covering where they normally boat, one person used to give copies of the edited PDF files to friends to print.  Some people put the PDF files on the boat PC or tablet.

The Light Lists are available from the USCG Navigation Center’s website.

I have extracted the Front Section for you below.

I recommend printing at least the Front Section (PDF 993 kb)of the Light List and going over it.  The Front Section of the Light List explains what the abbreviations in the Light List and on a Marine Chart mean, as well as shows the different light flashing patterns.  Print the four color pages in color to better show the light patterns.

Color Aids to Navigation Insert

Color Aids to Navigation Insert

The four plates of the Fictitious Nautical Chart and the U.S. Aids to Navigation System found in almost all Navigation Classes and many Federal Handouts is also included as a PDF download Color Aids to Navigation Insert (PDF 316 kb).  I have printed out a couple of sets duplex on 65 lb cover stock and laminated them for class study guides for crew members and friends.  The color plates look best if printed a bright white paper that is heavier than standard (I used 32 lb. stock for the spiral bound version, printed single side).

Remember to also keep the Light List & charts up to date using the Local Notice To Mariners.

Thanks for your interest in and support of boating safety.

– c / m –

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