The Seattle Harbor Patrol – From 1877 To The Present

Seattle Harbor Patrol

Seattle Harbor Patrol – A patrol boat from the early years

The Seattle Harbor Patrol traces it’s ancestory back to 1877 when the Harbor Department was established.  It was ran by the Port Warden an elected official.

In 1912 they had one boat.

This is a nice video tracing the history of the Harbor Patrol from 1877 to the present, it is just over eight minutes and is a nice watch.

Thanks GaRRy for the link.

And if you are a boater and you want to stay on the good side of the Seattle Harbor Patrol, see these tips from the Seattle Harbor Patrol: Avoiding the Seattle Harbor Patrol’s Attention


Thanks for your interest in and support of boating safety

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3 Responses to The Seattle Harbor Patrol – From 1877 To The Present

  1. Dave says:

    Pretty cool! I see these guys on the water every day and they have always been quick to respond when needed, very professional and courteous.Thanks for posting that Mike.

  2. These guys are awesome! I’ve watch them do a rescue this year as a small sailboat tipped over during a storm that caught everyone off guard. The sun was out and the winds were very light. Then within minutes, the skies grew dark and a squall pushed in unannounced. How rude! SHP was called and they came racing out at top speed. Both crew and the vessel was saved to sail another day.

    Even when I was pulled over and issued a written warning (expired tabs, which were still sitting on the desk), the officers were so professional and kind. I was happy that they were out doing what we are paying them to do. Make boating safe by periodically making safety checks. Who knows how many lives they have saved over the holiday?

    • captnmike says:

      Nice to see that your experience with the Seattle Harbor Patrol was a pleasant and polite one, even if the tabs were an issue – With today’s headlines it seems everyday of the police going in guns blazing, that there are professionals still serving the public

      Tanks for dropping by and sharing your experience

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