Why Whale Poo & Dead Whales Are Good For You & The Oceans

Dead Whale in the Ocean

Dead Whale in the Ocean

Left out of many discussions about whales and other animals is the effect they have on the health of the ecosystem and how we are all dependent on each other.

Wolves in Yellowstone give healthier forests.  Streams that have hatchery fish released are healthier when dead salmon are put on stream banks in the fall.

We are only just starting to understand some of the complex interdependency of plants and animals and how reducing the population of one can have far reaching effects on other plants and animals.

This short video explains what our hunting of whales to near extinction has had on the health of the oceans.

Thanks for your interest in and support of boating safety & the health of the Oceans.

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  1. Steve R says:

    Right on! see dr. fuhrman . com for an oblique reference to the way we have evolved such a sophisticated biological being— it’s our nutrition…..– everything is truly connected in Newton’s world—- one plus one always equals two when it comes to maintaining our DNA— there is no “junk DNA”, no excess matter without function…..

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