The Untold 9/11 Boat Lift Story

A short tribute to the volunteer civilian flotilla that helped 500,000 people get home across the water from Lower Manhattan after the attacks on the World Trade Center

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Evacuation of 500,000 people from Lower Manhattan on 9/11 by boat Evacuation of 500,000 people from Lower Manhattan on 9/11 by boat

Following the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001, a problem faced by many New Yorkers was how to get home.

I remember pictures of people walking across bridges and other images of mass migration as people tried to get home.

The boat lift of half a million people from Lower Manhattan was done by a volunteer civilian flotilla that just showed up when the call went out.  The flotilla just materialized when the Coast Guard put out a Marine Assistance Broadcast asking any vessels that could help, to please report to Lower Manhattan to help evacuate stranded commuters.

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