A weather radio can save your life (even if it doesn’t float)


Gov. Jay Inslee has proclaimed October as Washington State Disaster Preparedness Month and NOAA Weather Radio Awareness Month. Consider a weather radio as your “first-alert” to the many types of hazardous events for which we are at risk in Washington State — from wildland fires and avalanches to floods, landslides and earthquakes, to name a few.

Here are the basics of what a NOAA weather radio provides:

  • “All-hazards” warnings — not only for floods and storms, but for immediate life-threatening hazards like tsunamis, volcanic activity, AMBER child abduction alerts, and secondary hazards from terrorism and earthquakes;
  • Warning alarm to alert you to fast-breaking, potentially lifesaving warning messages around the clock;
  • Immediate emergency warning information via the Emergency Alert System that also serves television and radio broadcasters;
  • Programmable features so you can select which warnings you want to receive by location and type of event;
  • Battery backup;
  • Broadcasts of the latest weather…

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