Piloting and Navigators Quick Reference

A two sided quick reference card for navigators with common abbreviations, Speed / Distance / Time Formulas, Correcting and Uncorrecting a Compass (TVMDC), Common navigation Drafting Symbols and Their Usage, and Nautical Conversion Factors

The printing files have been updated so that two copies are printed on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch letter sized page, much easier than cutting the sheets first like this article does Navigators Piloting and Charting Reference Card

Can’t quite remember TVMDC and if you add or subtract whiskey or wisdom?  You think 60 D Street is the local pub?    This ready to print card is a quick reference for marine charting and navigation.  This two sided card will save you much anguish and time.  Print on heavy card stock with a contrasting color so it does not get lost.


TVMDC formulas and calculator card - navigation symbols and formulas

Piloting and Navigators Quick Reference Card

Navigators Quick Charting Reference (5 x 8 inch card) (pdf):

Navigators Quick Charting Reference (5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch card) (1/2 of a letter size page) (pdf):

Navigators Quick Charting Reference Page 1 (5 x 8 inch card jpg):

Navigators Quick Charting Reference Page 2 (5 x 8 inch card jpg):

More Help and Practice Problems Correcting and UnCorrecting  Compass Error

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