Education Challenge 2010

Marketing Public Education Classes

Marketing Boating Safety Classes

Marketing the Coast Guard Auxiliary

Best Classroom Practices

This presentation is to help the Coast Guard Auxiliary publicize our Boating Safety Classes.  The techniques should work for many different groups.

This is the presentation I gave to the Coast Guard Auxiliary District 13 at GNATS in October.  The presentation covers marketing our public education classes and best classroom practices.

Remember EVERY Auxiliary member should consider themselves a Publicity Department and pass the word to everyone they know about boating safety.

Versions prior to October 10 2009 are DRAFT versions posted here so I don’t need to send large email attachments for review.

Education Challenge 2010 – PowerPoint

Education Challenge 2010 – 4 Up PDF

The link to a Class Listing Demo has been removed after the new District 13 Web Site with GOOD class listings went live.

The How to List a Class needs to be updated to reflect the new District 13 web site that allows individual Flotillas to post their own classes directly on line.

How to List a Class Instructions – PDF

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