Skipper & Crew Pet Peeves On the Boat

  • Not being able to read the crew’s email address or it’s left blank with the excuse of “you already have my email and phone number”.
  • Leaving (sometimes expensive) personal gear behind with no name. I then feel obligated (yeah, I know but I was brought up that way) to return it so the un-answered emails and missed meetings ensue.
  • Bringing glass dishes of food.
  • Bringing hard coolers.
  • Canceling on the last day.
  • Calling from Victoria 1/2 hour before the trip to cancel ( yes we know you had a float plane standing by and suddenly had a change of plans).
  • Calling at the meeting time with “sorry I have to work late tonight” you were maybe planning on teleporting from work to the marina?
  • Expecting to “cook” their finger food on board.
  • Having long work-related or personal phone calls.
  • Jumping off the boat with their gear, ready to leave, when the chores aren’t done.
  • Asking on the day of the trip to be returned to the dock early because of another “appointment”.

What a skipper expects your mother to have taught you about proper boating manners.
Tips on proper Boating Etiquette when a guest on a boat.  Or hints on how to be invited back aboard again.

Boating Etiquette – Opens in New Window

Crew Tips from George:
Tips on how to be a good crew member from 35 years on boats.

Crew Tips from George: – Opens in New Window

Special thanks to the skippers that have contributed to this list and Mike Sinclair for inspiring me to start this list.

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2 Responses to Skipper & Crew Pet Peeves On the Boat

  1. Skipper Bill Rowlands says:

    Hi Mike, Great List ! However , I do know that crew members/ guests also have Pet Peeves toward Skippers ! Maybe we should have a list for that ! At the head of that list would be : Skippers should not lose their cool when a crew member makes a mistake !! I do know tha we have “anal” skippers in the club . I have witnesses several guest being yelled at!! In fact,I was once !! I got off the boat at the earliest docking. I also believe it would be good for the club to have a Suggestion box at the Monday meetings. There always seems to be something going on that not everyone likes !!

    Later, Bill

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