05- Skunk Bay-01

05-Skunk Bay
The Skunk Bay Lighthouse was built by maritime
author Jim Gibbs. The lighthouse is topped by the
lantern room and lantern from the Smith Island
Lighthouse, the lantern Room and lantern was
removed before the Smith Island Lighthouse toppled
off a cliff due to erosion. One night the light was left
on by accident and the Coast Guard received many
calls about an unauthorized light. The Coast Guard
paid a visit to Mr. Gibbs and explained to him that he
either needed to keep the light turned off or have the
light listed as a Private Aid to Navigation (PATON).
Mr. Gibbs, a former Lighthouse Keeper successfully
applied to the Coast Guard to have the light listed as
a PATON in 1965, the light is still operated as a Private
Aid today.

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