Lee’s Fender Knot

Lee's Fender Knot

Lee’s Fender Knot

After I did an article on using the Spar Hitch to tie fenders a friend Lee told me about a similar knot that he uses for fenders and storing lines on a boat.

This is similar to what Ashley calls a Backhand Hitch (knot # 1852 in The Ashley Book of Knots) except the Half Hitch is tied in the opposite direction and this reversal seems to make the knot more secure.  Ashley also shows the Backhand Hitch as being tied with two Half Hitches to finish it off.

Lee was taught this knot/hitch on a Rob & Teressa’s Baba 40 on the Baha Haha, many years ago. Rob took him aside and showed him this knot and explained this was the only knot allowed for storing lines. He wanted a standard knot, so in the middle of the night, when things were not going well, he did not need to figure out, what the person ahead of him did. It is quick to tie and holds well even on small diameter objects.


Starting Lee’s Fender Knot

Start with a turn around the object you are tying to.


Lee’s Fender Knot – Step 2 – Looks like a Ring Hitch

Continue around the object and pass in front of the standing part of the line and then do another turn around the object and come around like you are tying a Ring Hitch or Cow Hitch.  Don’t tuck the bitter end down as in a Ring Hitch.


Lee’s Fender Knot – Step 3

Cross over the standing part of the line and tie a Half Hitch around the standing part of the line.   Crossing over the standing part makes Lee’s Fender Knot more secure than a Backhand Hitch.


Lee’s Fender Knot – Finished

Finished Lee’s Fender Knot down snugged down.


Lee’s Fender Knot – Tied vertical as around a stanchion

Tied vertical around a stanchion.  Lee’s Fender Knot will also hold well when tied around a small diameter object such as a lifeline or polished chrome hand rails.

Thanks to Lee Youngblood for the tip on this knot.  Lee is a long time friend,  experienced sailor and Yacht Broker.

The Spar Hitch is another handy knot you might find useful.

An improved Fender Whip  to tie a fender to your boat that holds knots much better than a standard Fender Whip.

Three Stopper Knots : How to tie three different stopper knots for use on your boat.

Thanks for your interest in and support of boating safety.


Edited April 15, 2011 to credit Rob for teaching Lee this knot.

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